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                                       In Oklahoma
-TICA South Central Region Best Pixiebob Cat of 2013  
-TICA International #2 Best Pixiebob Cat Of The Year 2012
-TICA South Central Region Best Pixiebob Cat 2012 
-TICA International #3 Best Pixiebob Cat Of The Year 2011
-TICA South Central Region Best Pixiebob Cat 2011
-TICA South Central Region Best Pixiebob Cat 2010
-TICA South Central Region Best Pixiebob Kitten 2009. 
"Gary" is the first Pixiebob to attain Supreme Grand Championship in the TICA South Central Region.
"Gary" also is the first Pixiebob to achive a Regional Win in the TICA South Central Region. He went on to attain many more. 
"Gary" also appeared in Cat Fancy October 2009!

Home to Champion ColoradoPixies Barnard, Champion ColoradoPixies Clarice Kelly, Champion ColoradoPixies OkieToes, Champion ColoradoPixies Okies Moffat, Champion ColoradoPixies Dustie Little Girl and Double Grand Champion ColoradoPixies Okies Little Marly.
We are also home to Supreme Grand Master Autumn Myst TICA South Central Region #6 House Hold Pet 2013.

Pixiebob cats make a variety of sounds when communticating and dealing with life's surprises and are very smart. They can be taught to do tricks easily. They like to cuddle, purr and will also follow you around like a dog. They sometimes play in water as well. Some have been known to be trained to walk on a leash. They have been referred to over the years as "the cats that think they're a dog...". When raised properly underfoot with lots of love and attention (like all of ours are) they become very affectionate towards people. Did I mention how much they love laps? Well, if you're watching TV the kitty's are on your lap. They love people. 

 Pixiebobs are a breed of domestic cat. They are bred to look like miniature Bobcats, but they are not descendants of any Bobcat. They should have ear tips, and males can have tufts starting to grow around the lower jaw when about 10 to 12 months old or so. They also should have shorter tails and some have extra toes. It's the only breed of cat that's allowed to be shown in TICA cat shows with polydactyl feet (extra toes). Pixiebobs don't shed much hair when compared to other breeds of cats. They have slightly oily skin for warmth and waterproofing. We have found that the Pixiebobs don't bother people with allergies nearly as much as some breeds. Like Bobcats, Pixiebobs come in different shades of colors and they vary between short and long hair. Long hair on a Pixiebob is never long like a Persian has, not 3 inches. It's more like 1 to 1 1/2 inches, more of a medium length in reality.
We are both members in good standing with TICA. We operate ColoradoPixies Cattery, located in South East Oklahoma. We are a TICA  registered cattery. Our Cattery continues to be awarded the TICA'S Outstanding Cattery Award. Our litters are registered with TICA. We abide by TICA's Code of Ethics. Check us out at TICA.org/find-a-breeder/item/300-pixiebob-breeders.

We are now located in Oklahoma. USA
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Check out our prices! We are competative with other breeders while still providing top quality and a great pet for your money. 
We have Pixiebob kittens, Pixiebob cats, Retired Pixiebobs, and Pixiebobs for adoption. These are not always pictured in our web site.

We do work with other  Pixiebob breeders around the country, so if you don't see the Pixiebob you want here feel free to call us and we will try to locate and put you in touch with another Pixiebob breeder who has what your looking for.
Personalized delivery can be arranged almost anywhere in the world.

Call for details at 1-918-470-CATS (2287) or 1-918-473-3936 or email us at

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Let's set the record straight. Pixiebobs have no Bobcat DNA in them. They never have, thus they never will. Some folks will give you long, long, long stories about the breed and how they started with some unknown Bobcat in the beginning. There has never been a documented case of Bobcat DNA ever to be found in a Pixiebob. That's a fact! According to some other breeders no one really knows for sure how the breed started. I personally believe that the breed was originated in Washington State, by the TICA recognized founder of the breed Carol Brewer who managed to achieve the look we have come to know and love as the Pixiebob. Some of our cats have her original blood lines in them. It may have been started (as the story goes) with a cross maybe between perhaps Bengals, Mainecoons, Manxs, JungleBobs and even barn cats, whatever the case, it was definitely not a Bobcat. 






Email us at ColoradoPixies@aol.com or telephone us at 1-918-470-CATS (2287) or 918-473-3936.



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